Each summer, college and high school young people from around the country come together to work at Camp Heritage. Showing campers a clear picture of Jesus and leading them to a decision to follow Him is one of the best jobs a person could have. How cool that, in addition to learning new skills, being part of a supportive team and showing kids Jesus, our staff earn money toward their educational expenses.

But you probably already knew all that…because you are looking at our Employment information!

Camp Heritage employs approximately 50 summer camp staff. Our 2024 summer camp season will run from May 30 through July 25.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team!

New Camp Staff Application Instructions

You will be considered for a position at Camp Heritage only after you have completed your online application.

Step 1 – Online Application

  1. Follow THIS LINK to Camp Heritage’s online registration web site. Create an account* or log in if you already have an account. *Minors (under 18) will need their parent or guardian to create an account for them.
  2. Select “Make a Reservation.” (second option under Common Tasks on left)
  3. Select your name under New Reservations, and a list of the sessions you are eligible to register for will appear.
  4. Select “New Camp Staff Application.”
  5. Confirm your information (Attendee Information). If there is more than one person on your account (i.e. parents, siblings) UNCHECK the box beside “Contact information for this person is the same as the primary contact’s.” Make sure to put your personal contact information here including your email address and cell phone number. If you are under 18, we will be sending information to your parents, but we would also like to be able to contact you directly.
  6. Confirm Primary Contact Information (parent’s info), if applicable.
  7. Complete the 2024 New Staff Application Form and electronically sign it. (Make sure your name appears in the signature box. If it is your parent’s name, click “Edit Signature” and type your name instead.)
  8.  When you have completed the application, you will receive an email from Denison, acknowledging receipt of your application.

Step 2 – Initial Conversation

Denison Sager, the camp director, will be in contact with you to discuss your application. If you have not heard from Denison after two weeks, you should send an email to [email protected] requesting an update on your application.

Step 3 – Recommendation Forms

If after your initial conversation with Denison, you both are interested in continuing the hiring process, you will then fill out three online forms giving to give the names and email addresses of three individuals who you would like to fill out your Recommendation Forms. List one individual per form. (There are three forms.) Please include a Work Supervisor, Teacher/Dean, and Pastor. (No relatives or close friends.) Recommendation Forms will be emailed directly to the individuals you list. They will be filled out online and returned to us electronically. It is a good idea to let them know to be looking for the email and to check their spam folder if they haven’t received it in their inbox. You will be able to monitor the completion status of your Recommendation Forms on the “My Account” page under “Incomplete Tasks/Forms.” Based on this information, you can remind the person to complete your recommendation or even send the request to someone else.

Step 3 – Formal Interview

After your Recommendation Forms have been completed by your references, Denison Sager, the camp director, will be in contact with you to arrange a time for your formal interview. If your Recommendation Forms have been completed and you have not heard from Denison after a week, you should send an email to [email protected] requesting to schedule a time for your formal interview.

Step 4 – Employment Paperwork & Clearance

If you are given a conditional job offer, you will need to fill out a few additional forms (some will be mailed to you, others will be completed online), complete an online training course by Sterling Volunteers (a program to help protect our campers and each other from sexual predators and abuse), and pass a background check and sex offenders check. These will need to be completed by the provided deadline.