Activity Options

The following activity classes may be offered during summer camp. A list of the activity classes scheduled during a particular week of camp can be accessed during the online registration process.


Hear ye, Hear ye! The tournament of the Golden Arrow is about to begin! Calling all young Robin Hood wannabes. Come learn from our knowledgeable instructors, then perfect your bow skills in Archery, one of our most popular activities. See if you have the skills to take home the Golden Arrow!


Come one, come all. Whether you are a LeBron or Dwayne Wade wannabe or you just know you could have taught Bird a thing or two back in the day, come hone your skills in our basketball activity. Each day we’ll learn a little bit more about how to play better and use most of our time to actually playing the sport. No fancy jerseys or $150 shoes required, just a spirit of hustle and a great attitude!


Be the master and commander of your own destiny on your own water vessel. Who will you be today? Cap'n Jack? The admiral of the fleet? Part of the Armada? Will you go stealth and command a submarine? Or will you just give your best impression of Camp Heritage's own Canoeing Captain? Learn to paddle and steer and control your own route across our vast sea!


Don’t play in the mud? That rule is out the window in this activity! Come learn all about this ancient art in the comfort of our brand new Craft Expo Center. Learn all about pouring, scraping, painting and firing your own ceramic project. Just be sure to wash your hands when you’re done!

Christian Acting

Learn/hone acting skills that can be used as tools for witnessing about Christ to others.

Cooking Skills

Let’s get cooking! In this small class, campers will discover the kitchen. They will learn how to read a recipe, measure out different types of ingredients, gain respect for kitchen knives, and put it all together to make some of their own grub. They’ll also discover that no job is complete until cleanup is done, As time allows, we will also discuss other essential household skills.


Come get in touch with your creative side in our craft class. Projects will vary from class to class and week to week. We won’t be painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling or redesigning the Mona Lisa, but you can be sure you will have a blast in our craft class.

Digital Photography

Learn photography skills that are sure to improve your pictures. Don’t forget to bring your digital camera.

Disc Golf

Also known as Frisbee Golf, this cool sport combines exercise and fun times!  How many throws will it take you to complete our course?  Additional fun fact about disc golf: Christian music recording artist Brandon Heath gave his heart to Jesus at the 17th hole of a disc golf course at a Christian summer camp.


Come learn about this fun sport from our World Champion fisherman! Just kidding, he’s not a World Champion. But he sure does know a lot about fish and how to catch them. Will you be the one to land Hercules Harry, the uncatchable fish?


Geocaching – search for hidden “treasure” with the aid of a GPS.


Run off and join the circus! In this class you can learn from our staff who, back in the real world, are on acro-gymnastics teams in their colleges and high schools. Increase your flexibility, get stronger, and work on moves from the acrobatics world. Note: Successful completion of this class will probably not earn you a spot on Cirque du Soliel in Las Vegas.


Saddle up, Buckaroos! We're going on a trail ride. You will be oriented to our horse stable area and to our horses. As soon as possible, you'll head off into the woods on your specially selected mighty steed. If you're lucky, you may get to spend the night 'out on the trail' in one of our new covered wagons (available during Jr. 1 & 2 and Teen Camps). Our head wrangler is Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) certified.

Model Rocketry

It's not really rocket just have to install an engine into the rocket you built...hey, wait a IS rocket science! Learn about this exciting hobby including equipment, construction, flight phases, methods of recovery, and, most importantly, safety regulations. Throughout the week you will build and launch your very own rocket.

Nature & Outdoor Skills

We’re living in God’s second book, nature. Why not pause for a moment and read a little from that book? Learn about all the fascinating animals from our local area. You never know what new creature you might find in the nature building…someone’s pet or a new addition, freshly captured that day (snakes and turtles come to mind). Try your hand at tracking animals and attempt to make a cast of an animal track. Even if you’re not in class keep your eyes peeled for some of our many creatures, including deer, walking sticks and armadillos. You’ll never look at the rustling leaves in the woods the same way again! You will also have the opportunity to learn some basic outdoor survival skills along the way.


Try out one of our newer classes, Puppetry!  We’ll learn about being a good puppeteer and practice for performing in our worship service at the end of the week.

Rock Climbing/Rappelling

Challenge yourself on our climbing wall this summer! Strap on your helmet, slip into your harness, connect to our ropes, and see if you have what it takes to reach the top! Or see if you can make it farther than before. Or maybe rappelling is more your style. Come be free as a breeze, even if you’re not always at ease, working your way back down to solid ground. Either way, a great time awaits you at our rock climbing wall!


Shallow end or deep end? Relax on the dock or fly off the tower? All tough decisions! Our lake has 1600 miles of shoreline, but we’ll stay in our own cove for swimming, our #1 activity, based on camper sign-ups!

Tubing & Boat Rides

If you would like to get out on the lake in one of our ski boats, but are tentative to attempt water skiing or wakeboarding, here is the activity option for you. Sign up for this activity and you will be able to go on a boat ride and, if you dare, take a turn on a tube. You will get to see parts of the lake that we don’t normally see during our skiing classes.

Water Skiing/Wake Boarding/Wake Surfing/Knee Boarding

How sweet it is to find yourself zipping along behind one of our Tige competition ski boats! Whether you want to ski or wake board, we've got you covered. And the only thing cooler than being towed around the lake behind our boats is following our boat without the need for a rope! That's correct, you can try your hand at our newest water sport, wake surfing!